Welcome to the Illuminatus Observor, a blog faithful to informative the cabalistic symbols plain-woven into the English Language. As such, this web log serves as a reference spring into the population yet unknown distillate of a philosophic convention woven into the English Alphabet.

Now, I know, few of you brainwave such as a affirmation as anyone "preposterous". Why do you ponder that way? Could specified awfully reasoning itself not be a planned set of misdirections imposed by a continuous and adjusted teaching net to instigate a realness that is otherwise? If you cognize weeny to naught of the Occult, do not assume you apprehend or can come in to get the drift the world of Sethian/Jehovian/Typhon metaphysics.

What is lacking in Western instruction systems is a conceptual awareness of the unified employment of mythologies by the "initiatory systems". That Cain is Jehovah is Typhon is Seth is Enlil is not implied and readily accessible to the lots who enter and exodus Western childhood systems. That Cain is Jehovah is Typhon is Seth is Enlil delay leaving much inscrutable stories to characterize pernickety letters of a selective alphabet, delay leaving concealed to nigh all free for those at the high ranks of "the Illuminatus".

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The Acroamatic Cipher is simply one of lashings upon gobs of complex ciphers and allegorical ploys mortal deployed in the false statement of what comes to be famous as "mass reality". After all, as former President Clintons said, "It all depends on what "is" is." Manley P. Hall wrote in "Secret Teachings of All Ages" hinted at the use of an Alphabet as the model for mythologies when he revealed, "The composition legends of the world are acroamatic cryptograms, and the deities of the multiple pantheons are single deep characters which, if the right way understood, get the constituents of a godly character set. The initiated few understand the genuine spirit of this alphabet, but the uninitiated abundant admiration the packages of it as gods."

Sir Francis Bacon stated, "Tragedies & Comedies are ready-made of one Alphabet." So what was this "Alphabet"? When one begins to apprehend the character of the Alphabet as 'the God" and the "letters" as "the gods", it becomes easier to hold the much governmental make-up of such planning as "idol worshippers", for the assorted "idol worshippers" were themselves initiated into the a mixture of meanings and understandings of the assorted "gods"

Plutarch describes the quality of the Letters as representations of "God" when he writes in On the Letter E at Delphi 'But the God IS, we are forced to assert, he is, with suggestion to no occurrence but to that age wherein is no movement, or time, or duration; to which nothing is antecedent or subsequent; no future, no past, no elder, no younger, which by one longish "now" has made the "always" immaculate. Only near insinuation tot his that which really is, is; it has not come into being, it is not yet to be, it did not begin, it will not end. Thus next we ought to precipitation him in worship, and olibanum to code him as "Thou Art", aye, or in the tremendously libretto of both of the old people, "Ei Hen", "Thou art one thing".

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The eldest key to an close watch of the Illuminatus is to twig comprehensible that "the God" is the Alphabet; the "gods" are the Letters. In this way does "Cain", which tiered seats on "one leg", is a symbols for the Letter "I", while the Letter A is "Able", wherein to be "able" is to "stand on two feet". In this way does the memorandum j and i allotment logo parallels, or that "candy Cain's" happen on the Winter Solstice even as the jubilation is set resistant the new beginning of Osiris/Dionysus.

Comprehending the disposition of "the Thing" arms you to understand the make-up of "the Thing".

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