"Downriver" begins near the contest of the Hopnegs, midget 3-inch leggy people, who similar to Humans are bright but anxiety Human machines as "demons". One of these "demons" lives up to its reputation when it runs complete and whole destroys the dwelling of the Hopneg, Popey. He by a hair's breadth escapes with his vivacity in his pajamas, and the drought of baggage turns him into a Punk, or a Hopneg without the trickery of relation. Seeking to tip off the inhabitants of his neighbouring village, he travels to the settlement to utter his message to its leader, Rouger. After delivering his message, Rouger, decides supported on the content of the Book, to duck the total small town to a opposite position. Popey and different Hopneg, Rod, gather together the municipality to unmake the "demon" by golf stroke sod into its gas. But this fails as the Humans simply eliminate the home turf. Having failed, the Hopnegs recognise that they essential go upriver, away from the "Giants". Popey, however, decides to go downstream in his search to unearth noesis of the Humans and their inscrutable magical. Not far into Popey's trail, he is met by a Traveler called Shajee who is knowledgeable in the way of the world and the Humans. For instance, Shajee not lone knows belongings in the region of the bodily Human planetary and how to get on all sides in it, he too has an intellectual capacity of Human science which, in my opinion, is in a way slightly improved than our construal. As they flight finished the Human cities, Popey and you, the reader, get a new orientation on these "Giants", or Humans who do everything large than themselves.

"Downriver" is for ages 12 and up, specially those who liked the "Borrowers" baby book ordering. Erik Hare's authorship finesse is new and unique, and refreshingly disparate. He gives lifelike descriptions of confident aspects of both the personal and ad hominem suasion that set the sense in a way dissimilar any new. Gradually, I became engrossed in the parable. "Downriver" is an interesting, droll and low stamp album that will be enjoyed by several.

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