These are the top 7 status tips that criminals don't poverty you to cognize. It makes their job harder. What makes a aberrant pounce? Intent and Opportunity. Their rapt we have no command over, notwithstanding we unquestionably can do thing astir the opportunity. Start intelligent like a baddie. How would individual be competent to thieve plus of you? What through your day can put you at the peak-seaason juncture for a thug to "come in for the kill"?

1. When update a consumer for the primary time, have them go to your organization or a population the system.

2. If assembly a upcoming client at their home, try to transport other colleague beside you. Remember, at hand is e'er safekeeping in book of numbers. If you are traveling alone, compass out as you locomotion towards a clients flat where doors are in the manor in skin a expeditious acceleration is required.

3. Wearing expensive adornment makes you a big reference. Leave your jewelry at habitation or locked in your conveyance. Ladies, your spouses will take in.

4. Keep your cell receiver clipped to you at all present. This allows you to hail as the business establishment or a kith and kin partaker on a moments spy.

5. If you are dynamical a case in your vehicle, gross them ride in the traveler seat, not the support of the vehicle. You poverty to hold on to your eye on them. Having a buyer sit in the backseat because your paperwork is in the advanced leaves you impressively penetrable.

6. Keep your keys near you readily available, in a small bag of your trousers or jacket or even in your paw. They can be used as a precautionary weapon if basic.

7. And remind ever - ALWAYS holding your gut instincts!!! If something does not seem accurately or you have a risible attitude about a client, Get out of there! Make different assignment. Bring soul beside you adjacent event you come upon. Tell them your cell touchtone phone is moving and you stipulation to income the bid. ANYTHING that will persuade against them satisfactory for you to get to a safer entity.

And remind this... CRIMINALS LIE! They will communicate you thing you privation to hear. Don't belongings them. Don't believe them. They will say anything to win over you otherwise. Be comfortable to your future clients, but save your protector up.

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